Exhibition Results 2016

Canberra Stamp Show 2016 Exhibition Results.

Released 12:20 Saturday 19th March 2016

Name Award Points Prize DescriptionClass
Timothy R Morgan Large Vermeil 76  The Scroll Issue of Canada State -Traditional
J Patrick Longfield Gold 80  British North Borneo 1883-1925 State -Traditional
Penny Wells Large Silver 67  Dominican Republic 1866-1944 State -Traditional
Richard Gurevitch Large Vermeil 78  Guatemala 1886 Railway Bond Issue State -Traditional
Paul A Xavier Vermeil 74  Fiji - Airmail Lettercards and Aerogrammes (1944-1992) State - Postal Stationery
Ross Newton Large Silver 68  Chess State - Thematic
Ummer F S Veedu Large Silver 69  Mahatma Gandhi State - Thematic
M D Zahidul Islam Vermeil 73  Indian Fiscal Stamps used in East Bengal 1827-1900 State - Revenues
John Higgs Vermeil 74  Faroe Islands to 1975 State - Postal History
Derek A Pocock Large Vermeil 79  The Postcards of The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel State - Postcards
Lorenzo Giardiello Gold 84  The Evolution and Variation of Silk Postcards State - Postcards
Jeff Long Vermeil 74  The Franz Josef Glacier and Township, New Zealand State - Postcards
Edward Lean Silver 64  Australian Christmas First Day of Issue State - First Day Covers
Peter Allan Large Vermeil 82  Australian Postal Rates 1937-1952 National - Postal History
Mark Diserio Gold 86  The Queens Men - A Study of the Gubernatorial Frank Stamps of Australia National - Postal History
John Franklin Vermeil 75  Australia: The Use of King George V One Penny Issues 1914-1937 National - Postal History
Paul D Allen Large Gold 95 Best in Show Victorian Outgoing Indian Mail to Great Britain, Europe and USA 1854-1876 National - Postal History
Edward Laveroni Large Gold 94 Best in Show - Runner Up Imperial Postmarks of the Trans-Siberian Railroad Chelyabinsk to Manchzhyria National - Postal History
Lindsay Chitty Large Gold 93Best Postal History Exhibit - Classes 3.1a and b Prisoner of War Correspondence - Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WWII 1942-1945 National - Postal History
Roger Eggleton Gold 89 Felicitations; Jury Prize British Parcel Post Labelling (1883-1970) National - Postal History
Ahmad Bin Eisa Al Serkal Gold 87  A Postal History Study of Airmail from Iraq 1919-1945 National - Postal History
Abdulla Khoory Large Gold 90 Jury Prize Dubai Postal History National - Postal History
John Franklin Large Silver 73  King George V Silver Jubilee Straits Settlements Issue National - Postal History
John Franklin Large Silver 74  Straits Settlements Postal Services 1867-1941 National - Postal History
Nasser Bin Ahmad Al Serkal Large Silver 70  Sharjah Postal History National - Postal History
James Johnstone Gold 89 Felicitations The Datestamps and Other Markings Used for Australian Telegraphic Materials National - Postal History
James Johnstone Large Vermeil 84  Postal Services in the 1946 Atomic Tests - Operation Crossroads National - Postal History 2C
Hans Karman Large Vermeil 82  The Business of the Australian Electoral Office National - Postal History 2C
Gary Diffen Gold 85Felicitations - Ed Druce Memorial Prize Early Colonial and Australian Military Camps 1901-1918 National - Postal History 2C
Michael Barden Large Silver 70  Belgium - Winter Relief Fund issues - 1940-1944 National - Postal History 2C
Behruz Nassre-Esfahani Gold 87  Persia - Nasser-eddin Shah Qajar Postal Stationery issued 1876-1893 National - Postal Stationery
Glen Stafford Large Gold 91  Nicaraguan Postal Stationery - The Seebeck Era National - Postal Stationery
Nancy Gray Large Gold 92Felicitations - Best Postal Stationery Exhibit The King George V Envelopes of Australia National - Postal Stationery
Ross A Towle Large Vermeil 83  U.S. 1907-1919 2c Oval Die-stamped Envelopes National - Postal Stationery
Glen Stafford Vermeil 75  Thailand Postcard Postal Stationery National - Postal Stationery
Ed Wolf Vermeil 77  Pre-decimal Australian Airletters and Aerogrammes National - Postal Stationery
Anthony Scott Large Silver 71  Air Letters to Aerogrammes National - Postal Stationery
Bernard Beston Vermeil 75  Guyana Postal Stationery National - Postal Stationery
Derek A Pocock Vermeil 75  The Postal Stationery of Bangladesh National - Postal Stationery
Geoffrey Kellow Vermeil 79  The Air Letters of Sierra Leone 1944-1971 National - Postal Stationery
Ross Duberal Large Vermeil 80Great Australian Stationery Challenge Winner Fiji - Airmail Lettercards and Aerogrammes (1944-1992) National - Postal Stationery
Gary Watson Vermeil 76  The Aerogrammes of Eastern Arabia National - Postal Stationery
Joan Orr Vermeil 76  Peoples Republic of China New Year National - Postal Stationery
John Franklin Silver Bronze 62  King George VI Pictorial Issues of 1938 National - Topical
Michel Roland Vermeil 78Best Exhibit in Topical Class According to the Needs - Official Mail of the Belgian Railways National - Topical
Gaye and Graeme Chequer Large Vermeil 83  Snippets of an Orchidaceous Nature National - Open
Rod Kantor Silver 68  Central African Airways National - Open
Rod Kantor Silver 65  Congo Catastrophe 1960-19162 National - Open
Anthony Presgrave Vermeil 78  The Rise Fall and Rebirth of the River Murray Shipping Trade National - Open
Monica M Comrie Large Vermeil 80  The Sheep National - Open
Lindsay Chitty Gold 88 Best Exhibit in Open Class Maoritanga of New Zealand - The Culture of a Proud Race National - Open
Paul McTaggart Vermeil 76  Supreme Valour National - Open
David Kajewski Large Silver 70  Postcards from Mack National - Open
John Comrie Silver Bronze 64  Airlines of the World National - Open
Kevin W Dwyer Large Silver 72  The Story of Aubrey Gotley National - Open
Kim D Dwyer Vermeil 75  The Earths Treasures National - Open
John Moore Silver 66  Coconut - The Palm of Life National - Open
Robert Phaup Large Silver 72  Australian First Day Covers 1927-1948 National - First Day Covers
Amy Rosenfeldt Gold 89 Best Youth Exhibit New Zealand Definitives 1975-1980 National - Youth
Wynter ORegan Silver 69  The Fantasy World of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie National - Youth
Indigo Franklin Large Silver 73  The Game of Soccer National - Youth
Alexandra Parry Large Vermeil 84  Australian Animals on Prestamped Envelopes 1st Issue National - Youth
Zac Franklin Large Vermeil 83  Cricket National - Youth
Ryan Smith Vermeil 79  The Armed Forces National - Youth
Lachlan Smith Gold 86Best Youth Exhibit - Runner Up Gold National - Youth
Annalise Smith Vermeil 78  Childrens Books - Piecing Together the Story of Childrens Stories National - Youth
Sharon McTaggart Vermeil 76  Search for the Big Five National - Youth
Rose McTaggart Large Vermeil 80  Birds in My Garden National - Youth
Nasser Bin Ahmad Al Serkal Silver 61  Stamp Collecting- A New Vision State - Literature
Gozo Philatelic Society Large Silver 68  Gozo Philatelic Society Newsletter State - Literature
Mossgreen Auctions Gold 88Best Exhibit in State Classes The Arthur Gray King George V Collection State - Literature
Mossgreen Auctions Large Vermeil 75 The Picture Postcard as Art- Images from the Golden Era State - Literature