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LotDescriptionConditionReserve ($)
1AUSTRALIA . Victoria : Melbourne Flinders Lane, col, PU Sth Yarra 1906G$2
2 Melbourne St Paul's Cathedral without towers, col, PU 1906 - UP Train, MC9, Vic.G$2
3 Melbourne Parliament House, B&W, PU 1907G$1
4Melbourne Grand Hotel fr Parliament Place, col, tram, carts, PU 1907G$1
5Ballarat, Sturt St looking West, tram, empty streets, B&W, PU 1911G$1
6Ballarat Botanical Gardens, B&W, 2 men, statues, PU 1907G$1
7Wodonga State School & Post Office, col., PU Wodonga 1907G$4
8Moorabool Falls, Ballarat, col. PU 1910G$2
9Upper Olinda Falls, B&W, PU 1906F$1
10"Among the Blackwoods", B&W, man leaning on log, PU1910G$1
11Lakes Entrance, 5 small views on card, tinted, Rose Stereograph, WOBG$2
12Cambewarra Tea Rooms at Lookout, col, unused, no publisherG$2
13Melb Botanical Gardens showing Gov House. BW RP, Rose Series P365, WOB + "all the best for 1950".G$2
14Shrine of Remembrance - Aerial view of dedication day, 3 views of Shrine, 2 interior views, all BW RP but have been torn off black album pages, so backs are messy, all unused. (6)G$3
15Bourke St, sepia, GPO centre left, 1920s cars; Collins St, sepia, trams, many cars of 20s, pedestrians, Reuters Office on R, both unused & no publ. (2)G$4
16Yarra & Princes Br, sepia; Flinders St Station, sepia, many people & traffic. Both 1920s vintage, unused and no publisher.G$5
17Folder "Souvenir of Beautiful Melbourne" 12 col views, 1950? NucolorvueG$4
18Half Moon Bay, BW RP, Valentines No.3703, unused. Windsor Hotel, col, unused, publ Windsor Hotel. (2)G$3
19Beechworth - Post Office & Bank of Vic, sepia RP, pedestrians, lovely RP, UnusedVG$10
20Benalla, New R.C. Cathedral, col, publ unknown.F$5
21Bright, The Star Bridge, BW RP Valentine Series 2704, unused, mark on backG$4
22Dookie, St Mary's church, col, publ J Wilson, Dookie, unusedF$4
23Euroa Swimming Pool, BW RP, Valentines "V3", unused.$3
24Mansfield, Highett & High Sts, Conlan's Hotel, horses, high view, Vallan Studio, Mansfield, unusedG$4
25Lodden Falls, BW RP no publisher, unusedG$1
26Mount Buffalo Chalet, BW RP160x110mm on an unopened gift card, BWRP Swimming Pool, Lake Catani and The Horn (album page adhesions on backs), no publishers, unused.(3)F-G$5
27Omeo - Hill-Top Hotel, BW RP, Bulmer copyright, publisher The Lakes Studio Lakes Entrance, light vertical creases, unused.G$10
28Sherbrooke Vic, "Marybrooke", BW RP, Imposing hotel/guesthouse, Rose Series P4700, unused.G$5
29Violet Town State School, BW RP, publ Fraser & Vallance, Melb. UnusedG$10
30Folder: Marysville, 7 col views, publ Rose Stereo. 1950s? UnusedG$3
31Folder: 'Beautiful Views of Melbourne' 8 col views, early 1950s by the cars, unused, publ Valentines.G$3
32ACT : American War Memorial, B&W, Rose Series P8784, WOBG$3
33 Mt Stromlo, B&W view, No.1 of set of 12, 1950-65, unusedG$3
34 St John's Church fr NE, rather dark RP, no publisher, unusedG$3
35St Andrew's Church, good RP, no publisher named, unusedVG$5
36 Old Parliament House, dark RP, no trees, so early, unused, no publVG$5
37Old Parliament House, B&W RP, clouds, WOB 1935, unused.VG$4
38 Rows of flowering trees, B&W RP, no publisher, unused.VG$4
30War Memorial, outside view, col, unused; Interior, col, unused; 3 dioramas, col, all unused, Aust War Mem Series 1. (5)G$5
40Modern, multi- view, Lake, Parliamentary Triangle. Coat of Arms; St John's Church, Aust War Memorial, guns on lawns, all unused (3)G$3
41Modern, Civic aerial view, Civic Square (2), Thai Embassy, all unused (4)G$4
42Fold-a-Letter' folder, 5 col views + cover, c.1959, unused, Murfett PublishersG$3
43NSW: Blue Mountains,Three Sisters + 3 waterfalls, 1 col, 3 B&W; 3 Valentines, 2 Mitchell of Katoomba, all unused G$5
44Blue Mtns - National Pass x2 RP Valentines, unused; Explorers' Tree, sepia, publ Mitchell; Jenolan Caves, B&W RP, no publisher, unused (4)G$5
45Illawarra: Bulli Pass, BW RP, no publ, unused; VG$1
46Wollongong Surf Beach, BW RP, early beach scene, some swimmers, publisher R H Howes, Wollongong, unused.G$5
47Wollongong Beachside, BW RP, glimpse of houses, 4 Norfolk Pines, publisher R H Howes, Wollongong, unsed.VG$5
48Wollongong, Cliff Road, sepia RP, beach, rocks, road rises to row of houses, R H Howes, Wollongong, publisher, unused.VG$5
49Illawarra Mt Keira, sepia RP, village below Mtn, publ R H Howes, unusedVG$5
50Sydney- Botanic Gardens BW, no publ, PU Arncliffe, King GV 1d red stamp; Gov House, Syd BW above back view of cuddling couple in colour, "Stila" Series, unused (2)VG$2
51Sydney - Belmore Markets, BW , all horsedrawn traffic, divided back, unused, no publ.G$5
52Sydney Harbour Bridge, BW RP, arch not quite completed, ship New Holland passing below, no publ, unused.VG$10
53Sydney Martin Place & Cenotaph, col, publ Murfett, unusedG$1
54Sydney- View from Cremorne to Sydney, col, publisher W Series, WOB, 2 tiny chips on cornersG$2
55View of Sydney in Colour - folder 6 views, printed for Pylon Lookout by C A Pitt, Sth Australia, unusedF$3
56Tyalgum - repro's Store + 4 vignettes, both sepia, no publ, unused (2)G$3
57Tibooburra, team 4 goats pulling water cart 1900 drought, repro, Nucolor Vue, unused.G$1
58Albury, small BW photos 8.75x6.25mm Dean St, Bethanga Br, PanoramaF-G $2
59Ballina, Birds Eye View of - col, publ L Prior, Ballina, col, unusedVG$5
60National Park, Lower Causeway, Audley, tinted RP, publ Valentines, unusedG$2
61Narooma, view of bridge and town, waves on rocks, col, pub Engelander, unused.VG$1
62Narooma Beautiful Views in Colour, 8 views, publ Valentines, unused, 1950s?G$3
63Goulburn War Memorial, BW RP, publ Green's Souvenirs, unusedG$2
64Goulburn, folder 12 BW views, 1930-40s?, publ Rose Stereo, unusedG$2
65Goulburn, folder, 12 col views, c.1950, publ Nucolorvue, unusedF$2
66NORTHERN TERRITORY - Aerial view Darwin harbour col, Murfett, unusedVG$2
67Alice Springs -folder 6 colour views around Central Australia, no publ, unused.F$2
68Albert Namatjira folders: 2nd and 3rd sets of 6 watercolours, Series No.3 and 7 on back respectively, both publ Legend Press Sydney, unused. (2)VG$5
69QUEENSLAND : Coolangatta. Pacific Hwy, Holdens, VW, bus, col, Murray Views, used 1962; Small man rowing large lady, comic, pullout of 10 views, col, Having Wonderful Time at Coolangatta, used. (2)G$3
70SOUTH AUSTRALIA: North Terrace, faded sepia RP, Valentines, 4 trams, unused.G$3
71Adelaide - 10 x 8.75x6.75, photos, King Wm St, Flamingoes @ Zoo, Band @ Elder Park; Torrens Lake, Mt Lofty Ranges, Town Hall, Picadilly from Mt Lofty, King Wm St again, Creswell Gardens, St Peter's Cathedra, GPO. (10) G$5
The next five lots are superb cards 130x92mm, published by J Taylor, collotypist, Port Adelaide, all are unused.
72King William St - BW view north to GPO & Town Hall, more pedestrians than horse-drawn traffic. Exc$30
73 Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, swan on river, willows lining the water.Exc$30
74"Natives hunting the Kangaroo", doesn't look posed. Kangaroo with joey in foreground, 3 natives behind a tree nearby.Exc.$35
75"Port Adelaide Harbour" - 2 bigger steamships in right foreground, many masts and other small boats and yachts - lovely bit of history.Exc$35
76"Blacks at the Murray Bridge S.A." nine people, 3 tents, bridge can be seen in the background, BW, unused.Exc$35
77Adelaide - The Big Palm, Edler Park, BW , Publ Valentines, back dusty, unused.G$1
78The G.P.O.,Valentines RP series M 1862, tram, horse and cart, unused.F$3
79Palm House, Botanical Gardens, Valentines M 5399, BW, RP, unusedVG$3
80South African Monument at North Terrace, 2 ladies in large hats in foreground, 1 tram and a few pedestrians, Valentines RP Series M 1873VG$5
81Hindley Street, Valentines RP Series M1627, shops incl Wests Olympia (with tower), a fruiterer, a hairdresser and "Clean Beds", unused.VG$5
82Semaphore, view from pier, very long pier with people strolling, houses and a water tower on the shore. Valentines RP Series M5448, BW, unused.VG$5
83Semaphore, 'Pavilion on the Beach', brick bandstand, large building behind it, 3 men with bicycles, Valentines RP Series M5446, slightly faded, unused.G$5
84The Exhibition Building, Adelaide, Valentines RP Series M5442, unusedG$4
85Angas Monument, Adelaide, Valentines RP Series M1473, unusedG$4
86King William Road, Valentines RP Series M516, taken from a high point and a long view of the road, 2 trams, little other traffic unused.VG$4
87King William St & Victoria Square, pedestrians, 3 trams, 1 car, 1 van, 2 bike, more pedestrians, Valentines RP Series M5395, unused.VG$4
88Scotch College, Adelaidel BW, Valentines RP Series M1511, unusedVG$5
89Prince Alfred College, Valentines RP Series M1501d, unusedVG$5
90Children's Hospital N.A. (North Adelaide) - horse & cart, horse & buggy, 1 car, 1 man on bicycle, on back "copyright photo by Gordon Walker, Prospect", unused.VG$5
91Elaborate display of fruit "Grown by member Murray Citrus Growers Co-Operative Association" + "J R Manning", BW RP, no publisher, unused, creases.F$5
92Adelaide, coloured souvenir folder No.1 - 12 col views, 1920? earlier? Cover torn, some tears between interesting pictures, publ Valentines, unusedP$3
93MANNUM: River Murray in Flood, BW RP, publisher Wilson-Roberts Studio M4995, unused.G$4
94Murray Bridge folder 6 col, 7 BW views, publ C A Pitt, unusedG$3
95Tasmania: Hobart from Bellereive showing Mt Wellington, col, publ McV & L Series No.34, unused, corner chips.F$3
96The Beach, Long Point, Hobart, col, lots of people, few paddling, publ McV & L Series No.4a, unused.$3
97Swansea, folder, 12 col views, publ Nucolorvue, 1950?, unusedF3$
98Western Australia - Fremantle High Street, modern col, publ Art Mail Press, unused.G$3
99Swan River & Perth fr King's Park, grey tone, + A Settler's Cottage in the Hills, both publ W Detmold Ltd & unused.G$3
100"Views of Perth", 6 hand-coloured Photogravure views, detachable as postcards if required. St George's Tce, War Mem'l, King's Park, University, etc. Written on back "16th April 42, to Mum ... from John", no publisher named, unused G$5
101Fremantle The Souvenir Letter Card No.2, publ, 5 BW views, pre1914, publ P Falk & Co, WA, unusedG3$
102Papua : "Sunrise", palm tree, bay, BW RP, publ Comet Press, Yule Island, Papua, unused + BW RP Policeman in sarong on traffic duty; and panorama over town and bay to hills, the last two have no publisher named, but assumed to be Papua, all unusedVG$5
103Edwardian Album : Naples, Pompei, Pisa, Genoa, Riviera, Roulette explained, Rouen, Paris, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Egypt, Colombo - 75 are BW, 19 col. Animated markets, streets, Gobbelins tapestry works, etc. Condition is good, even album is OK. 94 cardsG-VG$100
104Britain: London Bridge, Westminster, Houses of Plt, Albert Hall, all col, 3 unused, 1 WOB 1918, publ E.S. Copyright, (4)G$2
105Old Norwich, Collectorcards, BW, Market, trams, Guildhall, etc. unused (10).VG$8
106Isle of Wight, tiny album 12 RP shots 8.5x6mm, pub WJ Nigh & Sons, VentnorVG$4
107Cornwall; 8 BW, 1 col, 6 PU, Looe x 4, St Margaret's Bay x 2, etc.F-G$2
108Isle of Man: Bradda x2, Douglas, Laxey Wheel, all BW, 3unused, 1 PU G$2
109Exhibition, Franco-Brit, col, Valentines, 3 WOB, 1 unused (4)G$4
110Orphanages: col Entrance Naval Orphanage; Manchester Warehousemen & Clerks Orphan School, col, PU bi dateF$2
111Cornwall: col. artist views Newlyn, Mousehole, East Looe, Fowey, St Michael's Mount by David Skipp, publ East Devon Press, unused.(5)G$2.5
112Argentina : Buenos Aires, monument to Los Franceses, BW RP, PUF$1
113Gold Coast- Africa Legon Hall, University of Gold Coast, BW RP, unusedVG$2
114Holy Land: Jerusalem x 6, Bethlehem x 10, 4 uncaptioned, all BW RP, unusedVG$4
115Iceland: BW RP views scenery, 1 of girl in local costume, 3 x col views by Valentine, rest local publrs, WOB, used 1920s-30s.G$5
116Rhodesia: Gwelo - Stock Exchange, Market Hall, Gov Bldgs, Masonic Lodge, 2 x sepia, 4xBW, all RP, PU 1912 to Sydney, publ Hallam, Gwelo.G$5
117South Africa : Cape Province, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Docks Cape Town, col. Publ Valentines, 1 WOB, 3 unused (4)F-G$4
118Durban: Ocean Beach, deck chairs, buildings, busy scene, col, + Quirinal Hotel Johannesburg, col, F-G$3
119Cape Town: Aerial view Table Bay & Docks, City by night, The Tablecloth, Flower Seller, all col, publ Arthur English, Cape Town, all modern (4)G$2
120Malta : Grand Harb, Porta Reale, Ft St Elmo, Floriana x 2 views, Public Library, Strada Marina, col, no publ, unused + BW view Admiralty House (8)F-G$4
121 Spain , regional costume Cordoba, Andalucia, fabric, glitter, net, etc. unusedVG$3
122Portugal : Local costume Madeira, embroidered on to card, col, unusedVG$1.5
123Antarctica, South Pole Station , pmk' South Pole, APO AP 96598, Jan 17, 2002', 9 international flags in the snow & ice.G$2

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