Canberra Stamp Show 2018

Exhibition Results 2018

Colin BeechGold87Best Title PageU.S. Special Delivery Stamps and Services, 1885 - 1954National - Traditional
Tim RodgerVermeil78Australia's Inaugural Decimal Definitive Series of 1966National - Traditional
Gordon MonkGold88Surface Printed Varieties of Australian King George V 1d.National - Traditional
Glen StaffordLarge V ermeil81Nicaraguan Postage and Official Stamps (The Seebeck Era 1890-99)National - Traditional
Russell TurnerLarge V ermeil80Victoria: The 2/6d Fee StampNational - judged as Revenue
Tim BeachLarge V ermeil83New Zealand 1960 PictorialsNational - Traditional
Rod KantorLarge V ermeil81Southern Rhodesia in the Era of King George VINational - Traditional
Jon TiernanLarge V ermeil80Western Australia Railway Freight Stamps Pre-decimal Period 1905-1966National - Traditional
Nancy GrayLarge Gold91Best Traditional including ModernSpecimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966National - Traditional
Sarah HarveyLarge Vermeil83The Hong Kong Definitives 1912-1921 and 1921-1937 including CHINA OverprintsNational - Traditional
Malcolm GascoyneLarge Vermeil83A Study of De la Rue's Production of Sarawak StampsNational - Traditional
Anthony PresgraveLarge Gold90Research PrizeDepartmental Stamps of South AustraliaNational - Traditional
Bill JenkinsLarge Vermeil82Charles Naish Designs of Victoria, Australia, 1880-1910National - Traditional
Ross DuberalGold85B.M.A. MalayaNational - Traditional
Timothy R MorganGold86The Scroll Issue of CanadaNational - Traditional
David RobertsVermeil76Koala CountsNational - Traditional
Linda WeldenVermeil77Lundy Island 1929-61National - Traditional
Richard GurevitchLarge Vermeil83Guatemala: 1886 'Railway Bond' IssueNational - Traditional
J Patrick LongfieldLarge Vermeil82British North Borneo 1883-1925National - Traditional
Eric HurrellLarge Vermeil82Australia: The Kingaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947)National - Traditional
Lindsay ChittyLarge Vermeil84New Zealand's First Stamp Issue: The Full Face QueensNational - Traditional
Stephen ChiversLarge Vermeil82N.Z. 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered BirdsNational - Traditional
Trevor SpencerLarge Vermeil82W.A. Surface Printed "De La Rue Swan" 1871-1912National - Traditional
David CollyerLarge Vermeil82Architecture Series - 4th Defintive of Republic of South AfricaNational - Modern
John MooreGold861988 Australia Living TogetherNational - Modern
Bernard BestonLarge Vermeil81Formula Registered Envelopes of Eastern AfricaNational - Frugal
Denise Ann RosenfeldtLarge Vermeil83Best National Other ClassesNew Zealand Post Office Fast Post ServiceNational - Frugal
Ed WolfVermeil77Crossing the South Atlantic by Air 1922-1940National - Topical
Michael BlinmanLarge Vermeil80American World Fairs 1939-1940National - Topical
Gary DiffenLarge Gold92Best In ShowPreparation for War and the Australian Light Horse Campaign: Egypt to Syria 1914-1918 National - Open
Anthony ScottSilver66Australian Wartime Postal Services 1939 to 1952National - Open
K. A. TaylorSilver Bronze61Tobacco in WartimeNational - Open
Terry WaggVermeil78An Alphabetical Journey through the Engravings of Czeslaw SlaniaNational - Open
Mark DiserioVermeil75A Philatelic History of the Snowy Mountains SchemeNational - Open
Marilyn GendekVermeil75Florence Nightingale: The Path to a LegendNational - Open
Sue SimmondsGold85In Pursuit of the North PoleNational - Open
Lynne NichollLarge Vermeil82BeesNational - Open
Miklos DombaySilver Bronze64The Blue Danube - Europe's Iconic RiverNational - Open
Paul McTaggartLarge Vermeil82Supreme ValourNatiional - Open
Monica M. ComrieGold85Ed Druce Memorial PrizeHoneyNational - Open
Kim D. DwyerLarge Vermeil80The Battle of HMAS Sydney and the SMS Emden 9th November 1914, Cocos Islands, Indian OceanNational - Open
Kevin W. DwyerLarge Vermeil80Aubrey Gotley and the ANARE Base Heard Island 1947-55National - Open
John MooreVermeil77Coconut - The Palm of LifeNational - Open
Andrew SmallSilver69The MacRobertson Air Race London to Melbourne in 1934National - Open
Amy RosenfeldtGold85Best Youth ExhibitNew Zealand Rose DefinitivesNational - Youth
Isabella BeachLarge Silver73Runner Up Best YouthThe World's Most Popular SportNational - Youth
Samantha RoweLarge Vermeil81Children's Literature - A HistoryNational - Youth
Emma RoweVermeil78Dessert - A History of TemptationNational - Youth
K.A. TaylorSilver68Monte Carlo RallyNational - judged as Topical
Wendy BuckleLarge Vermeil81Betty van Tenac Memorial PrizePaper Past and PresentNational - Thematic Philately
Anne StammersVermeil77Rocks to RichesNational - Thematic Philately
Bernard Beston(Gold Challenge)Winner Gold ChallengeThe AR System of Australia and ColoniesThe Gold Challenge
Richard Gurevitch(Gold Challenge)Haiti: 1915-1920 "Provisional" IssuesThe Gold Challenge
James Shaw(Gold Challenge)New Zealand Wages Tax Issues 1931-1959The Gold Challenge
Jon Tiernan(Gold Challenge)Victorian Railway Freight Stamps - the "Winged" Stamps Period 1917-1941The Gold Challenge
Frank PauerLarge Gold92Runner up Best In ShowAustralian "Official Post Office" First Day Covers to 1970National - First Day Covers
Michael FreemanGold81Best StateThe 1865 Duloz Stamps of the Ottoman EmpireState - One Frame
Anthony LyonGold81Runner Up Best StateNew Zealand Forces Mail to and from the South Pacific 1940-1945State - Postal History
Anne HutchinsonLarge Silver69Encouragement AwardCanadian First Flight CoversState - Aerophilately
Vivienne ScottLarge Vermeil78A Bushwalking Trip on the Six Foot Track & the Federal Pass - "With Swag and Billy", 1906State - Postcards
Michelle McCarthyLarge Silver66Buckingham Palace and the House of WindsorState - Postcards
Pauline EdwardsSilver61CinderellaState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
Pauline EdwardsVermeil73Nursery RhymesState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
David CollyerLarge Vermeil75Winner Postcard ChallengeQantas Fleet DevelopesState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
Edward LeanLarge Silver65Australian Christmas First Day of IssueState - First Day Covers
Clyde F. ZiegelerSilver60Jaipur Silver Jubilee Fiscal StampsState - Revenues
Vera RadnellLarge Vermeil76Introducing FalconryState - One Frame
Marilyn GendekVermeil72A Timeline of Nursing in AustraliaState - Open