Philatelic Articles

Philatelic Articles

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Australian States Revenues and Railway Stamps

ACT Duty Stamps

ACT Revenue Stamps

Introduction of ACT Duty Stamps

ACT Stamp Duty Rates and NPB Archive Information

see also Australian Capital Territory Duty Stamps Part 1 The Revenue Journal Vol 32 June 2021

Queensland Stamp Duty Rates

Queensland Railway Stamps

Tasmanian Stamp Duty Rates

Tasmanian Newspaper Duty

New South Wales Revenues

New South Wales Stamp Duty Rates

Wine and Spirit Levy Stamps of NSW

Israel Revenues

Part 1-2

Parts 3-6

Part 7

Australian States Postal History

Queensland Postage Rates

New Zealand

Alternative Mail


Fujeira – The True Story

Fujeira part 5

Parcel Cards